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This is case study and there is a work book including 21 question. Based on the scenario, you should answer 21 questions and each question should include 1 reference( published within 7 years) and the word length is 200. The scenario is designed to assist students to integrate concepts and principles that are needed for practice as a beginning-level registered nurse, providing person-centred care in various clinical settings. You will critically analyse and address ongoing nursing care and provision and implementation, and incorporate experiential learning from real world practice. The scenario will be focused on complex problems such as rapidly deteriorating patient and team processes including leadership capabilities. You will be expected to complete the simulation ensuring demonstration of evidence-based practice, clinical reasoning and decision-making to provide culturally safe, quality, person-centred care, while considering a multi-disciplinary approach to care. You will need to analyse the simulation and undertake a holistic understanding of the situation drawing on prior knowledge and skills. In this simulation you will be expected to use and understand the requirements for integrated knowledge and skills, including communication, collaboration, leadership, ethical and culturally safe approaches to healthcare, and interprofessional collaboration. Once you have completed the simulation, you will be required to complete the National Health Priority module on Cancer Control, search the literature for further information and complete the case based scenario workbook questions.

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