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Budget Assignment
Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4
Review the following links to access the State of Connecticut budget and the Federal budget, then answer the questions.
State of Connecticut Budget FY 2020-2021????????
Fiscal Year 2020 Budget of the US Government????????
Select an agency/department that is present at both levels of government (education, transportation, health and human services, etc.). Describe the agency and its responsibilities at both the state and federal level.
Provide the amount the agency/department was appropriated in the State of Connecticut budget and the Federal budget. If the revenue sources are available, discuss them and what percentage of the funds come from which sources.
Discuss the types of information you think were needed at each level and by whom it was provided (another organization, interest groups, think tanks, etc.).
Discuss the decision makers and stakeholders at both levels. Is there overlap? Are there some actors in one level and not the other? Who participates in the debates and what are their budget goals?
Describe your overall impression of the process at both levels. Are there too many steps and actors? Not enough? Is sufficient opportunity provided for citizens to participate at either level? Should there be?

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