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One financial aspect which needs to be taken into account with my evidence-based project (EBP) would be allowing for materials to be printed to be handed out to clients of the Calhoun County Publeic Halth Department as well as to patients in other community facilities which may benefit from lead education. Because of the push for lead prevention within the community, this should be something which could be fixed rather easily. The Battle Creek Community Foundation provides grants and scholarships to encourage a positive change within the community and because of the recent lead focus, they may take an active interest and provide necessary funds for education (Battle Creek Community Foundation, n.d.).

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A quality aspect of the lead project would be the utilization of the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). This system provides not only immunization information, but it also provides information regarding lead testing. If a child has been tested for lead it will be recorded within MCIR. This would enable me to ensure there is no duplication of testing. It can also help me when identifying households with children within high-risk areas. Because of this, I will be able to do more targeted education either by providing a mailing to these houses or by going out and marketing the educational material to provider’s offices within that specific area.


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