Case Study; Leadership in Practice

Chapter 2 Discussion -Case Study; Leadership in Practice Textbook The primary readings for this course are in the following text, which is required. Rubino, L. (2013). New Leadership for Today’s Health Care Professionals Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning (required). ISBN: 978-1284023572 Directions: Read the case study on Kevin p..42-53. Respond to the Case Study Discussion Questions as assigned below (this is not a group assignment): Page 51: 1-What are Kevin’s strengths as noted in the evaluation? Combine these strengths into a few main themes. Intili 2-What are Kevin’s areas of development? What themes do you identify? Garcia 3-Given your analysis of these test results, would you choose to work for Kevin? Why or why not? Taylor Page 53: 1-What other action steps would you recommend for Kevin to consider in creating and communicating the vision? Cassell 2-If Kevin had not followed up regularly with those working with him regarding his developmental opportunities, do you think he would have improved as much as he did? Why or why not? Vassallo

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