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Case Study: Using the scholarly sources from the Internet, in the CPS library, and Chapter 1 of your text, research the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Write an essay of your research meeting APA standards. Use a minimum of four sources for your research. In your essay, discuss in detail the following case aspects.

  1. Other than biographical or background information, discuss the salient case facts and issues. Include in this discussion a description of how the case unfolded, as well as facts of evidence, especially forensic facts, uncovered during the investigation.
  2. Based on your research, determine who you believe the killer to be and why. Give at least five reasons/factors (physical evidence) to support your conclusion.
  3. Investigations are usually solved by actions taken by police from the time of the original call. As lead investigator in the case, discuss in detail what errors your research indicated were made by officers and investigators of the Boulder Police Department. What should be done to ensure the mistakes are not repeated in the future?