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Chapter 4-Consciousness Drug Effects on the Brain and Behavior

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MLA Format  2 pages  Worked cited 

Instructions: Research, crticially think, and answer the following questions in it’s entirety regarding the following contents on drugs and the impact on the brain and behavior. Also, identify the Class/Category of the drug (ex: stimulant, opiates, etc.).

1. GHB:  What is date rape and how has GHB been implicated as a date-rape drug?  

Class/Category of Drug: 

2. ALCOHOL:  What is meant by binge drinking, and how prevalent is binge drinking on college campuses?

Class/Category of Drug: 

3.MARIJUANA:  Should marijuana be legalized nationwide?  Why or why not?

Class/Category of Drug:

4. HEROIN:  What is the rate of heroin use in your geographic area, and what is being done in your city to treat those with heroin addiction?

Class/Category of Drug: 

5. ECSTASY:  Should Ecstasy be used for therapeutic purposes, such as for treatment of depression from loss of a loved one? Why or why not?

Class/Category of Drug: 

6. RITALIN:  Is Ritalin over-prescribed for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Why or why not?

Class/Category of Drug: 

7. NICOTINE:  Should nicotine be made illegal?  Why or why not?

Class/Category of Drug: