Chapter 9 Watching a Website Change over Time with the Internet

 The Internet archive ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) is a nonprofit organization that builds the Internet’s library, the “wayback machine.” Copies of websites are archived at intervals for researchers, historians, and scholars. In this e-project you will take a look at a website of your choice at different stages. (The archive doesn’t maintain all the images and graphics, so often a page will not be displayed correctly; some links won’t work.) Visit (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and retrieve the historical files for a website of your choice (type in the URL). Make sure no other student has picked the URL you picked. So check the Discussion Board in Canvas before you pick your URL. So the sooner you post, the better. Right-click on 3 different dates one at a time, and open each page in a new window to make it easier to compare. (The archive sometimes removes pages, so if any date is not available, choose one that is available.) Open another window with the current website of your choice. 1. Post the URL of your website. 2. How has the website changed over this time period? What new features or services were added or removed? 3. What advantages does Scrum offer to the development of this website?

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