Child & Adolescent Psychology – Assignment # 4 (100 points)

Type of Assignment – Submit online –Formal Paper Description: Discuss the Children and the Media – (see APA template for formal papers) approximately 1300-2000 words or 4-6 pages. Before you begin this paper, read over all of the parts. The paper should be a combined, coherent paper, not one that just answers questions. This paper should have a title page and reference page on separate pages (APA style) A. Use the book to help you learn about children and the affect the media has on them.

B. Research the way the media is influencing children (positively & negatively) a. What influences children? b. What is the media? c. Is the media positive or negative? d. How does the media affect children? e. What could you do to increase positive and decrease the negative media?

C. Make sure you are using the book and an outside source a. This paper requires 3 references (your book can be one) b. Use a citation and reference at the end in APA style. D. Please attach the rubric *Helpers for Writing (DEA) 1. Define and Explain all terms 2. Apply the terms (provide examples that people can understand)

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