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Clinical Disease Presentation/Project. 

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This project involves the creation of voice over PowerPoint presentation. The clinical case presentation is designed to provide students an opportunity to apply learned concepts in physiology to real clinical diseases that is exercise erelated. For each clinical disease, students must include the following components within the presentation: 

Introduction section: 

• Definition of the disease, general introduction of the disease. 

• Incidence, how widespread is that disease? Is there any gender, race, regional preference of the disease?

Specifics on the Disease, relation to learned concepts: 

• Etiology, Patho-physiological consequences. Relate to physiological concepts.

• Clinical manifestation, sign and symptoms, of the disease

Medical management:

• Diagnosis criteria, diagnostic means.

• Treatment principles, what are the most common treatment options. 

• Prognosis, what is the outcome once affected by the disease. 

The presentation must include at least 5 peer reviewed references. APA or AMA referencing is permitted.