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Identify one nursing or midwifery which you would undertake to address the concern you have noted in answer 1a. The intervention must be suitable for the concern you note otherwise it will not be awarded marks. For example: building a therapeutic relationship with your client; maintaining a safe environment; risk assessment; observations. You need to state exactly what you would undertake and how to gain marks. Ie. how would you build a therapeutic relationship with your client exactly? What approach would you take? What kind of language might you use? Who would be undertaken the activity ie. nurse / midwife on duty? Ie. the nurse / midwife will build a positive relationship with the client by meeting with them daily for 30 minutes using positive and recovery-based language to establish trust and rapport.


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This assignment aims to help you to begin to use your professional and clinical judgement and to think like nurses working in a mental health settings and/or in relation to the mental health needs of people regardless of the setting.
Choose one of the four case scenarios below, of a person who is experiencing difficulties related to a mental health disorder.
1. Case scenario one:   Mary- Depression
2. Case scenario two:   Cormac- Schizophrenia
3. Case scenario three: Jayan- Risk of suicide
4. Case scenario four:  Arnold – Mania
This is an individual assignment of 1,700 words in two parts, each with several steps. Follow the steps for each part carefully.
Related to the person in your selected case scenario your assignment will demonstrate your understanding of the following:
Mental Status Examination (MSE)   A clinical formulation including biopsychosocial history and your own MSE observations leading to the clinical formulatio