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Community/Population assessment in Australia The topic could be The aboriginal women who live in rural area in Western Australia or middle age men who work in mining (FIFO workers) in Western Australia (Pilbara) Assignment outline 1) Introduction: community assessment, why are you doing community assessment, purpose, outline of the structure, explanation of term that you will use in the assignment. 2)Demographic: demonstrate the ability to use statistic, talk about population overall, mortality and morbidity rate, narrow population down, comparison between statistic (men&women, between state in Aus, country etc.) 3) Health issues: health issues that interest yin in this group pf population, general health issue, health implications, chronic disease, mental health. 4) Social Determinant of Health- how they impact on your population of group. Pick 1-4 from these: -Biology and genetics e.g. sex and age – Individual behaviour e.g. alcohol use, injection drug use (needles), unprotected sex and smoking -Social environment -physical environment -health services in the area 5) conclusion: summary of whole assignment 6) references: in-text references in every paragraph, 10-15 End-text references up to 10 years old ** very important** please visit username: wpraesri Password: Watsamon7. (a dot after seven) -Then go to blackboard on the left corner -choose “Primary health care unit” on the right corner -Then go to “assignment resources” If you need more clarifications go the assignment please watch the video. There are some very important websites and journal articles and some statistic here. You can also visit “module” DUE DATE 08/04/2018 at 20.00 Western Australia time

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