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Below are the questions that was asked on the paper from the link. Please write the section for the question highlighted below



1.Calculate the 12 ratios for James Confectioners for this year.

2How do the ratios that you calculated for this year compare to those that Ivey calculated for the company last year?

2b.What factors are most likely to account for those changes?
3.How do the ratios you calculated for this year compare to those of the typical company in the industry? Do you spot any areas that could cause the company problems in the future? Explain.
4.  Develop a set of specific recommendations for improving the financial performance of James Confectioners using the analysis you conducted in questions 1 to 3.
5. What pricing recommendations can you make to Telford and Ivey James?


If you were to choose right now to pursue one of the six Marketing Certificates, which one would you choose? Consult the list below and pick one:

  1. Import-Export Supply Chain Management
  2. Marketing Research and Analysis
  3. Retail Marketing and Management
  4. Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  5. Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics
  6. Health and Fitness Marketing

1) Why did you choose this particular certificate? (150) words

2) Imagine that after you have earned your chosen certificate and you have it listed on your resume, you are in a job interview and the interviewer asks you, “How does earning this certificate make you a better candidate for this position?”  In the box below, please respond to this question by discussing the following: (200 words)

  • how the additional knowledge will help you in your job,
  • how the additional contacts will help you,
  • what earning the certificate indicates about you as a job candidate.
  • any other relevant information.

3) If people were to ask you about which certificate to earn, what would you say to let them know the value of this particular certificate? (150 words)