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Consider a weather station system, including:

node 1: air. Includes the following sensors:

o air humidity

o air temperature 

o wind strength 

o wind direction

node 2: ground. 

Includes the following sensors: 

o soil moisture

o soil temperature

Includes the following actuators:

o the irrigation valve

System provides the sensor readings to the cloud. System also controls the proper soil moisture – when below programmed level, the irrigation valve is turned on.

Modify the above system to match:

1.1. IoT System Level 1 

1.2. IoT System Level 2 

1.3. IoT System Level 3 

1.4. IoT System Level 4 

1.5. IoT System Level 5 

1.6. IoT System Level 6

System can be simplified or extended to match each level. Elaborate your simplifications and extensions.

For each level:

  • Characterize the complexity of the system
  •  Describe the role of the cloud (if present)
  •  The process of data analysis
  •  Describe the operation of devices/nodes – what do they do and how/where do they communicate
  •  Others – add other elements of your choice