Consider that learning disabilities can be mild to severe, but

Consider that learning disabilities can be mild to severe, but there is no doubt that learning is hindered when appropriate measures are not taken to support learning. As technology improves, so does instruction and support for learners via technology, including assistive technology.

The rapid increase in use of technology in learning environments for enrichment, support, and remediation is staggering. Educators are sometimes at a loss as to which are best, and often the information on applications may be missing, or worse, misleading. How do educators decide what is best for their students? In this Assignment, you will have the opportunity to examine two supportive technologies and two assistive technologies that you might consider using in your own learning environment.

To prepare:

• Review the Learning Resources of this module.

• Then, research assistive technology and how it can be used in the learning environment.

• Use the Nielsen article from the required readings and research on your own to identify two assistive technologies and two supportive applications for early childhood that could be used in the learning environment.

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