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For this assignment, you need to create a project proposal based on a fictional project. Review the Unit II Lesson for additional insight on the purpose of a project proposal and for assistance in compiling a project proposal based upon the subject below

§ construction project – master bathroom remodel

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When you create the proposal, you should take into account the technical considerations, management considerations, and pricing considerations. However, you do not necessarily need to include these within your project proposal, as you will be performing a more extensive project later in the course. As for now, follow the model of a simplified project proposal, which will include the following sections:

§ Statement of Customer’s Needs: Communicate customer needs that will be fulfilled through this project.

§ Assumptions: Identify and briefly explain all assumptions associated with this project.

§ Project Scope: Explain the project using specific details as it fulfills customer’s needs.

§ Deliverables: Include specific deliverables expected by the completion of this project. This should include an analysis of the measures of performance.

§ Resources: Identify resources necessary to complete this project.

§ Schedule: Include a schedule that has real dates.

§ Price: Establish pricing strategies.

§ Risks: Identify the risks associated with the completion of this project. This should include an explanation of risks and rationale for continuing with this project. An analysis of the measures of performance through a look at the context of triple constraint should be reviewed in the risk section.

§ Expected Benefits: Clearly identify the benefit to be received by the completion of this project. This should include an analysis of the measures of performance.

Your proposal should be a minimum of three pages in length, and each section should be properly labeled using the subheadings above. If another person were to read your proposal, he or she should know exactly what is expected and what direction the project will take. This should be a general document with the intent of providing more details on these sections during Unit III and Unit VI.