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Contents for Project 3 material

Project 3 Peer Review Must Include:

-Outline with 7-8 Claims and Thesis Statement

-Eight (8) body paragraphs, two (2) for each of your resources.

– MLA Formatted Work Cited List with three (4) Primary/Secondary resources

Outline–the outline is the stage of the process where you place the Claim for each paragraph. In this sense, the document that you submit should only have a bulleted list of your Thesis statement and your Claims, or Topic Sentences. Each outline should have a minimum of 7-8 claims. This allows for you to see how you are mapping the main idea for each paragraph.

Rough Draft–the Rough Draft is the stage of the process where you begin generating content in the form of body paragraphs. For this document, you must include 1000 words in MLA format for each project. You will want to include MLA in-text citations and your work cited.