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Length: 3-5 pages (excluding list of references), single-spaced, MLA reference style 

Coors Brewing Company has been advertising the fact that a key ingredient in Coors beer is Rocky Mountain spring water. The CEO calls you into his office and says that Coors is considering entering the bottled water market.  The objective of the Coors is to increase the revenue by 50% in 5 years by entering the bottled water market.

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Please analyze the current situation of the company, the bottled water market, evaluate the pros and cons of entering the bottled water market, and make a recommendation.

You need to address the following questions in the report. Please note, you may not be able to find all the information you need. You may need to make assumptions and make a recommendation based on those assumptions.

1. Conduct a SWOT analysis on Coors.

2. Address the questions a, b, and c in the SWOT analysis.

a. What are the major products by Coors? What are their markets shares in their respective markets, and what are the market growth rates? How much they are contributing to the revenues? Who represents the target market of Coors’s products?

b.  What were the revenues in recent years? What was the growth trend of the revenues in the recent years?  What are the problems faced by Coors to increase its revenues?

c. What is the market growth rate of bottled water? What is the growth trend in the next 5-10 years? Who are the major players (companies) in bottled water market? What are their market shares? Are there any barriers to enter the bottled water market for Coors or any other companies? Are there opportunities for Coors?

3. If Coors want to increase its revenues by 50% in 5 years by entering the bottled water market, how much market share (in percentage) Coors should expect to build in the bottled water market? What would be the expected level of investments? [Bottled water is a general term. It includes plain, flavored, sparkling water etc. Check the market research in the attachment for more information]

4. If Coors decides to enter the market

a. Do you recommend them to start from scratch or acquire another company? In other words, what are the pros and cons of using their existing production facilities and distributional channels for the new bottled water product vs. acquiring another company?

b. What should be the brand of the bottled water? Should Coors be used or should a different brand name be used?

5. What is your recommendation to the CEO?


“Coors” is a publicly traded company. Its ticker symbol in the NYSE is “TAP”.

Company website

You can check websites, such as Bloomberg

Market Research Reports on Beer, Bottled Water in the U.S. included in the attachments.

Note: I downloaded these reports free of charge from the UF’s Business library. See the attached screenshot. For a job interview, don’t just use Google. It does not give you access to information hidden behind a pay wall. Our library offers great free resources on companies, industries, and other economic databases.