Cosmic Education in the development of the adoles


Please write 1-2 pages (not including citations) for each question listed below, according to the following guidelines: • Title each of the 7 essays which make up your paper. • Over the course of the entire paper make an attempt to use each reference below. • Within the text of each topic page, note a reference in this way: (Childhood to Adolescence 79). • At the end of each topic page, list the references used in this way: Montessori, M. (1973/1948). From childhood to adolescence. NY: Schocken Books. • Use accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation, etc. as appropriate for graduate-level work. Clearly address your understanding of the following topics: 1. Describe your understanding of Cosmic Education.

What is the role of Cosmic Education in the development of the adolescent? 2. What are the important components that Montessori elementary students have received in their Montessori education before coming to an adolescent program AND what are the specific lessons and materials from the upper elementary classroom that you have used? Why are these connections essential? 3. When you consider the characteristics of a Montessori adolescent program (as outlined in “Observing the Montessori Secondary Classroom” and “Checklist of Essential Montessori Practices”), where do you demonstrate skill, where have you seen growth over your CMStep journey, and where will you continue to develop your teaching practice? Briefly include a rationale for one or two of the characteristics you reference in each area (cite readings) to show your understanding of the importance of these characteristics. 4. Outline a plan for further development of your personal self as it relates to your teaching self: how will you continue to hone your teaching craft? Support the reasons for these plans with what you have learned about leading an adolescent classroom

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