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Course Project
FI6315 Managerial Finance
For the course project, select a company with common stock traded on a public stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, London (LSE), etc.). Submit your company selection with the stock exchange listing in the project discussion board for me to approve. I would like each student to select a different company to work with for this project. Prepare a financial analysis on the company using public information such as the company’s annual report, SEC 10-Q and 10-K.
Project schedule:
Week 9: Submit your company selection with the stock exchange by posting to the discussion board thread under the title “Course Project”. I will approve each student’s selection of a company for this project.
Week 13: Use the tools and techniques presented in this course to analyze the company’s profitability, liquidity, leverage and the common stock as an investment. The length of the paper should be 3 to 5 typewritten pages. The paper will be due by day 7, 11:59pm EST.
Weeks 14 and 15: Prepare a presentation (5 minutes) for a Zoom meting call.

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