Create a visual representation of what you have learned in

Create a visual representation of what you have learned in this course by describing what you used to think/believe/know about the concepts covered in this course and what you think/believe/know now. You may create a(n) video montage, infographic, poster, painting, or animation. Make connections to the various topics covered in the course. You will present this project to the class using screen share and will explain how your choices of imagery represent your thoughts. This presentation will be 3 to 5 minutes in length.

Please reflect on some (5-6) of the key concepts we have covered this term:

-Historical Perspectives of Leadership (Ancient, Pre-Industrial, Industrial)

-Scientific Management Theory

-Neoclassical Management Theory

-Trait Approach

-Skills Approach

-Behavioural Approach

-Situational Approach

-Path-Goal Theory

-Leadership-Membership Exchange

Finally, answer the question: Do scientific management principles help or hinder contemporary leadership practices?

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