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In this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography related to a topic of interest. This assignment must be completed in current APA format.

Specific requirements for this assignment:

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  • Identify 5 peer-reviewed sources published within the past 5 years.
  • Cite each source in current APA format.
  • Following each reference, write 15-30 words (1-2 sentences) to describe the type of source. For example, is it a correlational study, a case study, or an experiment? Be as detailed as possible.
  • Then, write 30-50 words (2-3 sentences) to evaluate the source, specifically as it relates to the level of evidence (refer to the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine). Remember that levels of evidence are related to the validity of the research. Validity is the extent to which the conclusions can apply to real-world practice.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the research design. For example: Strengths might include clear operational definitions or neutral language. Weaknesses might include a failure to cite other peer-reviewed sources or the use of confusing graphs/tables.
  • Finally, write an overview of your annotated bibliography that explains both WHY and HOW you selected these five sources.