You are required to carry out a case study of an Islamic bank assigned to you. The main aim of the case study is to critically evaluate the extent of disclosure of necessary information in the annual reports by the allocated Islamic bank and how well did it perform financially during last two years.

The following three questions will therefore guide your analysis: 1) What is the extent of disclosure of information in the annual reports of the Islamic banks? 2) In what way the annual report of the Islamic Bank same or different when compared with the annual report of a conventional bank (e.g HSBC, Lloyds, Santander)? For consistency sake you should use HSBC UK for comparison purpose. 3) How well the case study bank performed financially during last two years? For consistency purpose you should compare performance with the largest conventional of the country in which your case study bank is situated. The first stage of the research is data collection You should carefully study the annual report of your case study bank and fill the Disclosures Index. Prior to that you were required to confirm data availability and bank profile data. If not already submitted please submit those along with the Disclosures Index by the deadline. The second stage of research is writing the assignment report. The research report needs to be written in the form of an academic paper. Word count for the report is 2500 with 10% +/- allowance.