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Define compliance and reimbursement and discuss their financial relevance in healthcare organizations. What accounting methods are applicable and why?

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Health insurance and reimbursement methodologies are some of the basic foundations of understanding health care finance. Health care administrators must have a basic understanding of these areas to successfully run their respective departments and/or organizations. Interestingly enough, most consumers have no concept of how their benefits are designed, implemented, and paid for. Understanding health insurance from a financial perspective is one aspect to review. Aligning the insurance with networks, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles from a structural perspective and connecting the dots with providers and payors complicates matters even further. Hopefully, this section will clarify these complexities.

Three to five pages, APA formatted ,describing the critical areas of reimbursement and how they function? Journal and/or peer reviewed articles required. Industry terminology must be used. Current research, within the last five years preferred.