Define the term Superkey

The following Figure 1 shows some portion of the database of a company on medical claims.  Refer to the relations, Claim and ClaimType shown in the diagram and answer the following questions.  




How many tuples are there in the ClaimType relation?                        [2 Marks]


What is the degree of the ClaimType relation?                                     [2 Marks]


The Superkey for the Claim relation is provided as follows:  



{claimNo, dateFrom},

{claimNo, empID},

{dateFrom, empID, claimCode}


                Define the term Superkey                                                                   [4 Marks]


From the superkey listed above in (c), determine which is candidate key and which is not.                                                                             [4 Marks]


From the candidate key listed in (d), determine the primary key and the alternate key.          [4 Marks]


List the foreign keys.                                                              [4 Marks]

#Define #term #Superkey

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