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Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide community health nursing to meet health needs of diverse communities including: client homes/lodges/facilities community and public health centers correctional facilities hospices/parish environments nursing outposts primary health networks/physician and ambulatory clinics schools/educational facilities  street clinics/youth centers/group homes
Competency: Included the competency letter and name, number and subcategory
Significant Learning Experience: Described one significant learning experience in this course related to the identified CLPNA competency and provided an example
What you Learned: Described what was learned and how it related to the identified competency
Proficiency Rating: Rated self-according to Proficiency Rating Categories, explained what was done to achieve the competency and support your rating
Significance of Learning: Explained how the identified competency enhanced your learning (was meaningful) in this course.
Nursing Practice: Described how the knowledge and experience will be applied in current and future nursing practice.
reference/citations as appropriate;

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