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Describe a new haemodialysis client who may be referred to you for assessment, care planning and ongoing management and explain your current approach to client assessment. In this discussion, you should Describe your model of/approach to clinical health assessment Justify why you use this model/approach for your client group Critically reflect on and critique your model/approach 2. Discuss how your model/approach to assessment would change with authorisation as a nurse practitioner including the advanced/extended skills that you would need to develop with reference Standard 1 of the NMBA Nurse Practitioner Standards for Practice (NMBA 2014). In this discussion, you should describe the knowledge and skills you will need to competently perform a comprehensive client assessment so as to effectively plan and manage the health needs of your clients as a nurse practitioner.  3. Identify those aspects of your client assessment that are unique to your role as the nurse practitioner, making clear and justifying the difference between the role and scope of practice of a nurse practitioner and a registered nurse.

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