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Task description Online discussion- opens 01/08/2016

In your allocated group post a 400 word summary where you

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will introduce your case and briefly discuss the pathophysiology

of diabetes and the how the determinants of health influence

the case study. This summary will be attached to your case study

as appendix 1.

Case Study 1200 words

Reflect on all the online postings in your group and summarise

the main points.

Your case study should include:

  1. A concise and succinct description of the

pathophysiology of DM for the case study

  1. Identification of the classification of DM, supported by

current diabetic guidelines

  1. Summarise the key points from the online posts that

demonstrates how the context of people’s lives determine

their health

Assessment criteria 1. Demonstrates a sound understanding of the

classifications of DM and its pathogenesis

  1. Demonstrates an understanding of how the determinants

of health affect the health of individuals and/or


  1. Engages constructively with the online postings of others

Page 5 CNA603 Context of Diabetes Mellitus

  1. Writes clearly and succinctly in an appropriate academic


  1. Refers to scholarly sources where appropriate using

Harvard style

Links to unit’s

intended learning


  1. Describe the pathogenesis and the classifications of the

disorders known as Diabetes Mellitus

  1. Critically discuss how the health of individuals and

populations are influenced by a complex intersection of

cultural, political, geographical, socio-economic and

individual lifestyle factors.

Task length 1200 words, appendix 400 words (online post)