Description of assignment: Technology is a powerful force of change

Description of assignment: 

Technology is a powerful force of change and opportunity in all areas of society. For firms who invest in and utilise technology effectively it is a highly effective way to gain competitive advantage. A huge challenge for firms of all types is in keeping up with new and emerging technologies, whilst at the same time managing the implementation of technologies which were new only very recently.

The fear and risks for firms is in missing critical new technologies, or going with new technologies which have no long-term, or even short-term potential for success. The risks and potential bonuses in going with the right new technology are huge and making the right call critical for a firm’s future success and competitiveness.

Where firms can go to for a rigorous analysis of what is new and also relevant and trustworthy is another challenge which adds to the problems. One great and trustworthy source of evidence and analysis of new technologies comes from the academic literature.

Platforms and Brand Marketing

Wichmann, J R K, Wiegand, N and Reinartz, W J, (2022), “The Platformization of Brands,” Journal of Marketing, 86, (1), 109 – 131.

You need to then read the paper which explores the issues and then proceed to provide an analysis and critique of the thinking behind  authors’ work. You will then apply what you have found from the paper to a brand of your choice and propose how that brand can capitalise on the specific technology of your chosen paper and utilise your findings so they can implement your chosen technology with greater effectiveness and efficiency. You are also required to further explore key readings over and above the recommended paper to give depth and rigour to your work.

Your word limit is 2,500 words excluding appendices and references  (+/- 10%).

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