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1.    what is hospitality in the home. Be careful here. The issue for you will be to establish from the definition in the first section what you are determining home is.
If you have decided that home for you in this essay is where you reside, then you now have to tell the story of what hospitality takes place in your home. Questions might be: Do you practise hospitality? Describe what type of hospitality that is. Where do you learn that? Who taught you and why have you chosen to follow their example?  Give an example and explain through out the example how you provided hospitality.
Alternatively, you have decided that home will be the geographical country you come from, then you are now thinking about: What is the culture of your country? How is hospitality represented in that culture? Who is the keeper of that culture of hospitality? Where did it begin? How do outsiders view the hospitality?


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We have attached all the criteria for this assessment and a sample assignment also.but please don’t use the same assignment .We just send it for sample.This assignment has two part: You are required to: (i) design a creative piece of work that clearly demonstrates promotion of recovery-focused mental health nursing practice (ii) discuss the creative piece of work, focusing on how it relates to the promotion of recovery-focused nursing practice, using evidence from relevant literature. The creative work should be simple and clear to understand.In the sample assignment,the writer has created a art therapy as creative work but I don’t have that art therapy at the moment to provide.But you can understand how to describe your creative work in this assignment.First You have to create a creative work and discuss in your written piece how it is related to recovery focused mental health nursing.Please use the same referencing style as used in the sample.