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Design a patient information leaflet that supports the process of obtaining informed consent for an elective surgical procedure. (For this assignment, you can assume that there is no issue with regard to the patient’s capacity to consent – please focus on the disclosure of material risks) With reference to your chosen surgical subspecialty area identify ONE elective surgical procedure in respect of which you routinely obtain consent and design a patient information document that supports the consent process by ensuring that all material risks are disclosed at the time that consent is obtained. When collating the known complications and material risks of the elective surgical procedure that you select, you must identify the source and evidence base of all information gathered and adhere to best practice and international guidelines. Remember that the average literacy age of the Irish population when it comes to healthcare and medical terminology is aged 7 so keep it simple. You should also make suggestions as to how this supporting documentation would be represented in the patient’s chart and how you would suggest linking it to the standard consent forms used during the consent process

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