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Design a secure network for an organization that has three campuses.
Campus A has about 250 users and is located 125 miles from Campus B and 370 miles from Campus C.
Campus B has about 100 users and is located 390 miles from Campus C.
Campus C has 75 users. A user should be able to login to any workstation and have access to his or her network resources (printers, network storage, etc.).
The organization performs regular business functions and does not have any special requirements for privacy or secure transmission that exceed regular business practices but data transmission between campuses should be considered “reasonably secure” from inspection. At least two paths should exist from each campus to each other campus to provide redundancy and a backup in the case that a link fails.
You should deliver a plan that describes the architecture and equipment used to interconnect the LANs at each campus. List any assumptions that you are making (for example, “Windows Domain Controllers will be used”). For each service or hardware component you must provide a price, good estimates are acceptable where exact prices cannot be determined. You must provide estimates for a total amount required to implement the system and also the amount per month to operate the system. Extra points will be awarded for lower total prices as long as the proposed equipment and services seem adequate. You must also provide an estimated amount of time required for implementation and testing.
Remember, you are only concerned with the services, equipment, and costs of securely connecting the three campuses. You do not need to worry about workstations, printers, storage, webservers, etc
You will be graded based on how well you demonstrate the following:
Identification of Problem
or Definition of Project
Stakeholder Research and
Impact Analysis Research
(economic, cultural, ethical, social, legal)
Timeframe Analysis
Alternatives Evaluation
Hardware Requirements
System and Application
Software Selected for Use
Proposed Solution

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