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Dior and I:
Fashion and art, have always been linked as sources of inspiration, one for the other.
examines the relationship between visual arts and fashion
from an interdisciplinary perspective, combining the history of ideas
and representations, material culture, and the history of modern and
contemporary art.
This week, watch the documentary,
Dior and I.
a two page, double-spaced paper on a fashion designer and artist who
have collaborated.
Your paper should provide information on the artist
and the designer and how their collaboration came about.
Also, provide
information on type of artist and designer they were.
Below is a list
of artist/designers who have collaborated, you may choose one of the
collaborations listed below or select a more modern day collaboration.

Remember, to cite any work quoted and your Turnitin score should not be
higher than 15
Artist/couturier Collaborations:
Raoul Dufy and Paul Poiret
Jacques Heim and Sonia Delaunay
Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí
Lucio Fontana and Bruna Bini
Peter Knapp and César

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