Discuss personality and the trait perspective


Discuss personality and the trait perspective along with the Big Five Inventory (and your results) found within the blended material. Communication Process Discuss communication needs and the Communication Model along with the relationship stereotypes and prejudice have with the communication process. Emotions and Stress Discuss emotions and stress along with the “How Stressed Are You” questionnaire (and your results) found within the blended material. Your submission should follow APA formatting standards including an APA title page, proper font and margin sizes and proper treatment of references. Note that page count and word counts do not include title or reference pages. Be sure to properly reference your material. Submissions are filtered through plagiarism software. In accordance with the Mohawk College’s Academic Honesty Policy, plagiarized assignments will receive a grade of 0 with no opportunity to resubmit. Submitting, Grading and Feedback Assignment 1 must be submitted in the following file format: MS Word (.doc or .docx) Submit your work: Click on and open the Dropbox – Assignment #1 Click the “Add File” button Attach your assignment Write a comment to the instructor in the space provided (optional) Click “Submit” This assignment is due XX (week 7) Assignment 1 is out of 20 marks and worth 20% of your final grade The rubric can be found under ‘Assessment’ on the eLearn tool bar, within ‘Rubrics’ You can expect to receive feedback on assignment 1 within 2 weeks. Feedback will be received through the dropbox, or emailed to you directly. Late assignments will receive a 10% deduction per day

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