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Providing health-related education as a form of health promotion to clients is an important role for primary health and community nurses.

The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of providing health education as a form of health promotion by integrating it with one of your clients, Nellie Jackson.

Nellie has expressed to you that she doesn’t understand why she needs to continue taking Warfarin, and You are required to explain the role of the nurse in developing evidence-based and culturally informed education for Nellie, and to identify your plan for her education.

Steps Discuss the role of the nurse in providing health education to clients.

Explore why education is an important form of health promotion.

Formulate a person centered health plan for Nellie that includes:

program goal objective/s intervention/s process impact

Outline and justify at least two examples of you plan to measure the impact.

Structure and presentation Your response should follow essay format (Introduction, body and a conclusion).