Discuss what products (i.e. grass feed cow milk, non-GMO, sensitive,

You will research and answer the following:

Discuss what products (i.e. grass feed cow milk, non-GMO, sensitive, liquid, soy, etc.) would be best for the initial launch based on market analysis;

Potential percentage of net profit of the above products based on industry average for each product;

Success of other infant formula companies that provide sustainable and organic products.

Once a potential product line has been identified, you will:

Identify the best location to source the organic materials for your ingredients.  Research and identify where current infant formula companies are sourcing the materials and provide explanation as to why this location would be the best source for the ingredients.   Be sure to cite the sources and use the course material in explaining why the location is the best for sourcing the ingredients.

Based on the location identified in week 2 (Ohio, United States, Malaysia or China), provide a breakdown of the cultural considerations the new director will need to take into account when relocating and bringing on a staff made up of local nationals (if overseas) or from the local community if in Ohio (remember their headquarters is not in Ohio).

Identify the cultural considerations by relocating overseas or to Ohio;

Explain whether the director should consider sourcing leaders from other divisions and taking them to the new location or focus on hiring local personnel as line managers, shift supervisors, and senior leaders;

Based on best practices and analysis of current infant formula companies, explain how would the director best structure the team.  Indicate how senior leadership will be divided (i.e. Assistant Division Director (ADD) of Operations, ADD Finance, ADD Marketing, ADD Sales, etc.) as well as the structure below them.  Consider how Operations is divided.  There will be procurement of materials; manufacturing, distribution, etc.  Finance will have to consider the different accounting processes such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts payable, as well as other processes.  Marketing will focus on U.S. based marketing and global marketing and sales will need the same type of considerations.  Do not merely use these exact examples, but use them as a starting point and guide for your research.

How to Set Up the Document

Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document, which requires double spacing. Use Arial, 12-point font.    You will cite within the document and provide a reference list on a separate page.

Provide a title page and a reference list on a separate page. 

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