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We have discussed social classes in the United States during this week of lecture on Chapter 7, you have now learned aspects of class and the description of these social classes. Answer the following questions by applying the lecture discussions, book readings and research that you have done on the topic.
Provide data to support your answer and organize your information clearly. DEMONSTRATE in your discussion post that you understand the concepts associated with this question
1. Describe in our own words what you
believe is the range of household income of the lower class, middle class, and upper class. Also, What do you imagine to be the education levels, occupations, and material signifiers (home, vehicle, and so on) associated with each of these class statuses.
2. Provide one example of a geographical location in San Antonio that corresponds to the lower class, middle class or upper class. Describe why you selected the location and why you believe that it can be identified as one of the selected class.
You can include pictures of the location selected to support your example.

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