Diverging reactions to the discontent or political protests during the

Diverging reactions to the discontent or political protests during the Arab Spring in comparison of Tunisia and Jordan with regard to protesters, their demands and outcomes of revolutions . The essay must contain introduction (circa 600 words) , literature review on general topic of protest movements, leaderless movements, mass mobilization, democratization transition in Middle east, it must be 5 articles which corresponds with the main topic of essay, next part – tunisia and its process of arab spring – repressions, killings of protesters, fled of Ben ali, with a regard to protesters (different types of them, e.g civil society, trade unions -UGTT) and their demands, other part – jordan and its process of arab spring, with same regard to protesters , next part the outcomes of arab spring – tunisia – democratization, constitution etc, jordan – resilience of authoritarian regime and reforms which stops huge protests as in Tunisia, current situation in both states, jordan – new protests in 2018, conclusion Aproximately 15-20 sources, academic articles, books, articles from newspapers, blogs… Its an academic essay of international relations, subject middle east security

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