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Each discussion entry should comprise 200-250 words and should avoid paraphrasing or restating the prompt, opting instead to demonstrate original and insightful engagement with them. Each entry is graded for content according to these specifications.
Discussion entries are graded on their ability to respond to the prompt, but holding conversations with others is also encouraged.
Module 5 Discussion 2, due Sunday, by 11:59 PM (MST)
Access one of the following essays:
Tom Phillips
(Links to an external site.), The Cultural Revolution: All You Need to Know about Chinas Political Convulsion
Ari Laurels
(Links to an external site.), What is a Universal Story Anyway?
Jenny Zhangs
(Links to an external site.), They Pretend to Be Us While Pretending We Dont Exist
Jenny Zhangs
(Links to an external site.), How It Feels
In your post, raise some of the context from the essay as it intersects with themes or motivations behind Zhangs representation of Asian American life. For instance, connect a reference Phillips article makes as it appears in Zhang. Or, examine why Zhang is motivated by pushing back against publishers and medias claims that universal stories about American life have to be white, as it is raised in Laurels essay. Or consider the ways that vulnerability, as Zhang addresses in How It Feels drives the creative process as it appears in one of her stories.

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