Each team collectively prepares and one team member (for the


Each team collectively prepares and one team member (for the entire team) submits one set of POWER POINT SLIDES that contains the following, and a video presentation:

1.      The following documents:

Project Charter:  (see Slide 24, CH03.ppt) Project name, purpose, and key participants are important. You can list for example what each member brings into the table (who has expertise or interest on what?). You can also include other relevant information. Make sure that every member has enough exposure to all phases of software development.

Project Scope Document: (see Slide 28, CH03.ppt) The project description must include functional requirements: list of functions the system will perform for the users. Also, list system capabilities, and other relevant information. The project scope must be proportional with the team-size. It should include non-trivial functions that require use of advanced data structures, algorithms, and/or new technology.

Project Schedule:  Present your schedule in a Gantt Chart with milestones. You need to be realistic. You start your project today, you complete planning and analysis phases by the end of this semester. You continue your project in Spring 2022 in CSCI 440 course. You will complete design and implementation phases in Spring 2022. Please note that we set the date for project completion the first week of May 2022 (if your team plans to take CSCI 440 in Summer 2022, change dates accordingly).

MILESTONES (including but not limited to):
a) Analysis Review
b) Design Review
c) Integration Testing (Start, and Completion)
d) User Manual
e) Project Presentation (Tentatively set for lecture on First Week of May 2022)

2.      Object-oriented UML models for your project’s REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS that includes the following (see CH05 slides 45-56, and CH07): 

a)      Domain Class Diagrams.

b)      Use Case Diagrams

c)      Activity Diagrams.

d)      System Sequence Diagrams.

e)      State Machine Diagrams (if applicable).

3.      Present your entire power point slides in a video of length not exceeding 20 minutes. Allocate more than half of the time on your UML diagrams in your systems analysis phase. Ideally all team members participate in this video presentation. It can be a recorded ZOOM meeting, for example. Any other similar video presentation is fine.

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