Ecotourism and its impacts

Description INSTRUCTIONS: You are required to reduce the paper to its essence, including the research area or context of which it is a part, into a magazine style piece that your magazine editor requires to fit a space 625 to 675 words, without exception. (Aim for 650 words; your mark will be 0% if fewer than 625 words or more than 675 words). It has to be a non-illustrated piece. NOTE: The writing must catch the reader’s attention immediately, and it must set up the context almost as fast. The writing should be precise, but not burdened by any jargon. Imagine that you are writing for well-informed adults, but who are not formally trained in environmental science. Use “magazine rules”. It is not an essay, so referencing is NOT part of this exercise and your writing should be such that the reader is led through your article. Do not provide statistics! Use a catchy title. There are several publications that do this kind of scientific journalism. For examples, you may wish to browse a recent edition of one or more or the following: • American Scientist • Discover • Natural History • Bioscience

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