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Assessment: Essentials Of Care Using Evidence – Reflective Piece

Prepare a reflective paper that outlines your personal role in providing essentials of care for future practice as a Registered Nurse.

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When preparing your reflection consider and include the following:

 Introduction –

A brief overview of what you plan to discuss (short paragraph).

• Define essentials of care.


Describe your experience this semester in relation to the assessment and communication of activities of living on a dependence/independence continuum and factors influencing activities of living.

• So What? –

What cues (data/information/things you noticed) did you identify from your experiences this semester that shaped your judgements (understanding) about  your personal role in assessing and communicating essentials of care for future


• Now What? –

What could you and/or need to do now to enable you to effectively assess and communicate essentials of care for future practice?

• Conclusion – A brief summary of what you discussed (short paragraph, no new information).