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Ethics Case Instructions

The purpose of this exercise is to explore ethics and decision making within organizations.

Assignment Guidelines

After reading the case: (MGT 305 Ethics Case word doc)

1) Name this section ‘Identification of Dilemma’ and address the following (limit to 1 page):

a. What is the overall ethical dilemma?

b. Who can be impacted by the dilemma (people and/or groups)?

2) Provide a brief overview of 2 Frameworks (Approaches) to Managerial Ethics (1+ pages per framework). Name this section ‘Ethical Frameworks’. Name each sub-section after the ethical frameworks you choose.

a. Choose from: Utilitarian, Deontology, and Virtue.

b. The textbook and lecture provide general explanations for the approaches above. Expand on these with external sources. Use in-paper citations and list the additional references at the end of your paper.

c. This is not copy/paste from the internet. Be sure to write this in your own words based on your research.

d. This section of your paper should not reference the case. Instead focus on what you’ve learned (researched) regarding each ethical approach.

3) Provide outcomes to this ethical dilemma (2+ pages). Name this section ‘Evaluation of Ethical Dilemma’. Address the following in this section:

a. Based on what you’ve learned about the case, which framework (from the two you’ve explained in the previous section) do you believe will guide you in this situation? Explain why you will go this direction. 

b. What are the implications of this decision (who does it benefit? What are the positive implications? What are the negative implications?)

c. If you had been guided by the other framework addressed in section 2, what would have been the positive and negative implications?

d. There’s no right/wrong answer choice, so I won’t grade this on your ability to choose a particular ethical framework. Instead, I’m more concerned with your ability to describe why you chose the approach and what happens next based on the approach. These will help me assess whether or not you understand the concepts.

e. No need for additional outside resources in this section, as you should refer to the case and the information provided from section 2.