Ethics of Care, Virtue Theory, Kantian Deontology, or Utilitarianism.

You are to chose one theory from the following: Ethics of Care, Virtue Theory, Kantian Deontology, or Utilitarianism.

You are to pick five case studies from the textbook. Clearly and accurately, explain/summarize the theory you have chosen. This is worth 40 points. Clearly and accurately, summarize each case study (This is worth 40 points) before analyzing that case study with the theory you have chosen (This is worth 40 points). Make sure your paper is well written, grammatically correct, properly punctuated etc. In other words, make sure it is readable. This is worth 40 points. When grading these papers, the last thing I will consider is the quality of the paper: does it reflect critical thinking skills? Does the writer carefully consider the issue? Etc. This makes up the final possible 40 points.

#Ethics #Care #Virtue #Theory #Kantian #Deontology #Utilitarianism

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