Every Good Melody Needs Harmony

Every Good Melody Needs Harmony By now, you have a good idea of where you want to go with your Final Project. You know your topic. You have practiced writing thesis sentences and outlines on other topics. It is now time to write the most important thesis and outline—the ones that will serve as the basis for your Final Project. A melody is important in a song but, without instruments to support it and harmony parts designed to enhance it, the melody by itself will likely fall short. It will not be a big hit for the artist, and it is much the same when you are writing. By Day 7 Locate one additional article related to one of this week’s case study topics, other than the one you used in your Discussion Determine the main idea of the article Complete the Source Quality Rating Document. Craft a thesis sentence and sentence outline for a persuasive essay that will be written as the Final Project—based on your case study selection. Note: in a sentence outline, all outline points are written in complete sentences. Be sure to provide attribution, using APA formatting, for any sources used Create one document that includes: The outline you created Your completed Source Quality Rating document When you submit your Assignment for grading, be sure to post the APA citation including the link to your chosen article in Doc Sharing. Also include the sentence you created stating the main idea or thesis of the story. Your contribution will help to build a library of resources that can be shared by everyone in the course. When creating your entry in Doc Sharing, be sure to title it “Week 3 Assignment 2.”

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