Explain each of the five phases in the business model


Explain each of the five phases in the business model design process.

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This week, we address a question fundamental to understanding the application of the business model canvas. Success with this assignment requires you to accomplish two tasks. Your first task is to answer my question so that I know you have delved into the week’s assigned content and have mastered the week’s learning goals. The second task is to respond to at least two of your fellow students’ answers.  Do not be afraid to challenge or add to their answers.  I expect good discussions among you, and I wish you to remain civil to each other.

Your answer to my question must be informative and compelling. I expect you to spend time considering the problem and crafting your response. Your response must reflect the knowledge you have obtained during the week through assigned course readings, videos, and assigned textbook readings. Don’t tell me what you believe. I am interested in what you know. Your answer to me should be formal and reflect a professor/student relationship

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