The paper should explain the benefits and the shortcomings of the public health care system in Canada. Focus on the shortcomings and provide solutions to problems such as long wait times inspired by other countries that provide public health care but don’t face these issues.

Topics: -Some Benefits: equality, accessibility, cheaper administrative costs, adverse selection can be solved, doctor induced demand can be managed -Some Shortcomings: consumer moral hazard, long wait list, rationing – Moral hazard, adverse selection and rationing can be explained in detail. (more information about them in the health care slides) – Challenges Canada is facing, comparing it with situations in other countries that provide public health care such as UK, New Zealand and Germany. -Long wait times, reason and possible solutions. Please include information from the relevant health care powerpoint slides that i will be providing. I will also upload the pdf for instructions and grading guidelines. Also please include some online resources and articles to support the points. Feel free to include any other topic to the list above as long is it is relevant to public sector economics and the health care system in Canada.