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Step 1: Explore the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (2017).  National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions [Online]. Retrieved from
Step 2:  Review the Chronic Disease information in the assessment. This will assist you with choosing a topic that relates to the National Health Priorities. Remember your topic must relate to nursing practice and a Chronic Disease mentioned above. (Please discuss your ideas within your online tutorial group)
Step 3: Develop a research question (you can find information on how to do this in your course text and learning activities on study desk). Add your question to your tutorial group forum for tutor/peer feedback and advice.
Step 4: Conduct a literature search looking for three (3) primary research articles which address your chosen question. Select one (1) of these articles to review, choose the article which provides the best quality evidence for your chosen topic. Write a 150 word evaluation of the research within the article. (See your study desk resources on how to evaluate research evidence).
Part B
Step 5: Write a research discussion paper on your chosen topic.