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Faculty Meeting Presentation
For this week’s assignment imagine that you have been asked to
present to your fellow faculty information on providing accommodations for students with dyslexia. Below are questions to guide your presentation content:
Who needs accommodations in the regular education classroom?
What are accommodations for students with dyslexia?
Why are these accommodations offered to students?
What is assistive technology and how can it be helpful to students with dyslexia?
What is Universal Design for Learning and how is it helpful to struggling students?
Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:
Create a new document (Word, Google Docs, Open Office – anything that can be saved/exported to PDF format).
Write your presentation.
Make sure to include how you intend to present the information in your essay. Will you use PowerPoint or Google Slideshow?
Make sure to include with notation, pertinent information from the readings. Your presentation notes should be between 300-400 words.
Be sure to refer to the assignment rubric to ensure you meet the required criteria, including citing sources.
You can always view the rubric from the Course Resources folder at the top of this course or by clicking on Advanced Grading in the Administration Block.
Save your work as a PDF file with the naming convention FacutlyMeeting_FirstNameLastName. If your name is Walter Payton, your document name would be FacultyMeeting_WalterPayton.
Upload and submit your saved document(s) to the upload interface below.
Points Possible: 30

Hi All—A participant asked for clarification about the session 6 assignment and I thought it may help others as well:
Here is the question:
Are we to create an outline of our presentation in essay form or are we to use PPT or Google Slides to create the presentation and include notes for the reader to use/follow with the presentation?
Here is my response:
Thanks for reaching out! You do not create an actual PPT or Slide share. Please create a brief essay–300-400 words–that answers all the guiding questions given in the directions. Be sure to cite course resources to support your key points.
The idea is to get your ideas down, but brief enough that it could easily be adapted into an actual presentation.
Be sure to read and follow the detailed directions for the assignment in the course session 6 assignment area LISTED ABOVE

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