Feasibility study on injecting treated sewage water on groundwater

1- Major Aquifers including both (Primary & Secondary) based on available data including the quality data such water quality parameters ( ph, temperature, electric conductivity, nitrate, phosphate contamination levels, ammonia, oil,) and also the available quantities of those aquifer proven reserves. 2A-Detailed and comprehensive feasibility study including a literature on injection the treated wastewater on the groundwater aquifers in Saudi Arabia.

This point is linked with point no. 2B (the simulation). 2B-6- Simulation on the for example the blending between the fresh (treated) water and the brackish or aquifer water, the degradation rate of the contamination if treated water is injected, or for example if it contains some chemicals or heavy metals. how can that present risk to the nearby consumers.

3- Effects of man-made activities such as Agricultural activities on the groundwater quality based on data and link it to GIS where are the agricultural activities such as farms in Saudi Arabia . 4- TSE (Treated Sewage Effluent) available data quality and quantities from Jeddah municipality or eastern province dammam or Riyadh. 

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