Feedback – giving and receiving – is a critical skill


Feedback – giving and receiving – is a critical skill for any leader. You must be able to give feedback to others and you must seek out feedback about yourself and your performance in order to grow and remain effective.

Assignment #3 has 3 parts.

Part 1: Read these two articles

The-Importance-Benefits-and-Fundamentals-of-Providing-Feedback.pdf ( (Links to an external site.)

 The second article is a bit specific to sales but I like that they provide some concrete examples that I think will be useful to you.

Part 2: Seek out and/or provide some feedback (positive or constructive; your choice) in your life and tell me what you experienced. Perhaps it is just asking your boss how he or she thinks you are doing and asking if there is anything you can be doing better. Maybe it is asking this same question to your spouse or child. It could be telling someone in your life that they are doing a great job and being specific about why. Your choice, just tell me know it goes and what you learned.

Part 3: Provide some feedback for me about this course.

   What do you like most about this course so far?

   What do you like least?

   What can we/I do to make the rest of the term valuable for you?

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